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Have you been thinking about getting an easel?

The easels from MABEF are beautifully crafted, solidly built and there is bound to be a style to suit your space, media and method.

Easels for Home, Studio & out and about

A Table Easel allows you to set up your studio indoors wherever you have a table! Great if you have a limited or multi-purpose space.

For the more permanent studio or for those who like to work on a grand scale, Studio Easels offer the perfect solution with sturdy support for large canvases.

...Or, if you like getting out and about, Field Easels with their slimline, lightweight design are just the thing for Plein Air Painting or temporary studio set up.

A classic oil colour for artists

The paints come in a huge range of 178 colours including iridescent and interference colours not usually found in oil paints. Find the full range on the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors page where each colour is represented by a hand painted swatch showing the tones achieved when applied thinly, thickly and when mixed with white.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to have a go and really enjoyed them! This was painted on a Global Wooden Panel (Unprimed standard edge 8” x10”) using the following Williamsburg Colours:
Brilliant Yellow Pale, Titanium White, Alizarin Orange, Persian Rose, Italian Pompeii Red, Stil de Grain, Kings Blue, Italian Lemon Ochre & Viridian.

Williamsburg was founded in the US with pigments and know-how sourced from all over the globe.
Learn more about the Williamsburg approach to making fine quality oil paint, how they get the most from each and every pigment and how this has seen them rapidly grow from humble beginnings to worldwide renown.

..and always at our very best price

When starting an Art Course, there will be a few items that will always appear on the tutor's 'must have' list. We have put some of these essential art materials and tools in one handy 'Student Stuff' promotion so why not check it out and save even more money!