New Year, New Possibilities

Curtisward are pleased to announce that Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors have arrived!

The pigments, methods and processes of the 19th century colourmen, who made paint for the Impressionists, have been studied, utilised and refined to create amazing Artist quality Oil Paints in a dazzling range of colours.

A Classic Paint - New to Curtisward

The paints come in a huge range of 178 colours including iridescent and interference colours not usually found in oil paints. Find the full range on the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors page where each colour is represented by a hand painted swatch showing the tones achieved when applied thinly, thickly and when mixed with white.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to have a go and really enjoyed them! This was painted on a Global Wooden Panel (Unprimed standard edge 8” x10”) using the following Williamsburg Colours:
Brilliant Yellow Pale, Titanium White, Alizarin Orange, Persian Rose, Italian Pompeii Red, Stil de Grain, Kings Blue, Italian Lemon Ochre & Viridian.

Williamsburg was founded in the US with pigments and know-how sourced from all over the globe.
Learn more about the Williamsburg approach to making fine quality oil paint, how they get the most from each and every pigment and how this has seen them rapidly grow from humble beginnings to worldwide renown.

Or, if printmaking is your thing...

We have also expanded our range of lino cutting tools. RGM offer individual fixed blade tools with a stylish and sturdy wooden handle plus a handy set of tools with the most commonly used blade shapes.

From William Mitchell, we have a beautifully simple and practical wooden handle that will hold cutter blades that have the commonplace crescent-shaped shaft. Sets of handle and blades are also available.

...whilst Sakura have gone for something really funky! Each tool has a cushioned, ‘soft grip’ handle with a band of striking colour that will help to quickly identify each of your tools when you’re in full block-cutting flow!

Are you new to Lino Cutting? Why not check out our guide that shows you all you need to create your very own lino-cut designs with some additional technique and equipment tips to get you started!

..and always at our very best price