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Which pens are best for drawing? Ultimately, any pen that gives you the results you want to achieve can be used for drawing. However, drawings are most commonly made with fineliners, sketching pens or brush pens where the nibs are eithersmall enough to give a precise, controlled mark or, in the case of brush pens, flexible enough for more flourished mark-making and variation of line width.

What is a Manga Pen? Manga is a style of comic book illustration that developed in Japan. The pens that are described as Manga are those that are used in the creation of such illustration and include fineliners and brush pens that have particularly flexible fibre tips. All manga pens have lightfast, quick-drying ink that will not bleed when rendered with watercolour, ink or alcohol graphic markers.

Which drawing pens are best for pen and watercolour work? As well as the finelines of any brand, the Zig Kuretake Bimoji brush pens are great for this type of Artwork. Remember to allow the linework to dry before applying your wash though!

What is a Technical Pen? A Technical Pen is a very fine nibbed, precision drawing pen usually preferred for detailed designs and plans in such fields as Architecture and product design. They generally have a metal tube through which the ink is fed and can be refilled with bottled ink. Before the age of computer-aided design, these were quite expensive and reserved for graduates and professionals but, when Designers turned to computers, the pens fell out of fashion a little and, with a shrinking market, disposable fineliners or cheaper, more basic Technical Pens came to the market.