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Da Vinci Nova Series 1570 Round Brushes

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Da Vinci Nova Synthetic Watercolour brushes are made from soft golden synthetic fibres with green polished handles. The seamless, nickel plated brass ferrules are rust resistant and long lasting. They are extremely durable, which is ideal if you demand a lot from your brush. Suitable for Watercolour, Gouache, Inks and thinned Acrylic Paint as well as craft and hobby paints. Approximate full brush length is 19cm. Sizes given below refer to the approximate diameter of the brush head at the widest point.

Size Diameter
10/0 0.5mm
5/0 1mm
000 1.25mm
00 1.25mm
0 1.5mm
1 1.75mm
2 2mm
3 2.5mm
4 3mm
5 3.5mm
6 4mm
7 4.5mm
8 5.5mm
9 6mm
10 6.5mm
12 7mm