ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Marker 12 Piece Set Pastel Colours

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Zig Art & Graphic Twin double ended markers contain water based ink which is xylene free and odourless. They feature a high quality rubber brush tip, plus a fine point fibre tip.
The flexible rubber brush tip can create a variety of line and stroke sizes, holds its spring and maintains its original shape without fraying, making it perfect for rubber stamping and creating easy motifs for card making. The fine point fibre tip is ideal for detail work, sketching and finishing touches. Use the Art & Graphic Twin directly onto rubber stamps using a variety of colours. No fibre ends, no splittin and no more colour restriction! Create beautiful flowers and motifs easily with the simple pen techniques, perfect for paper craft and card making. Please Note: Any dual tipped markers must be stored in a horizontal position. Colours in the set are : No. 200 Pastel Magenta, 207 Pale Flesh, 703 Rose Wood, 13 Pastel Yellow, 434 Peach, 202 Pastel Blue, 602 Pastel Violet, 60 Light Mauve, 53 Lime Green, 505 Pastel Green, 302 Pastel Blue, 31 Glacier Blue.