ZIG Memory System Double Ended Calligraphy Pen Aubergine

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ZIG Calligraphy Pens are Perfect for Decorative Calligraphy Writing, Scrapbooking and Other Crafts.
The ZIG? Memory System Calligraphy range possess unique qualities for every crafter. With its unique blending qualities, you can produce personal papercraft projects of the highest quality. These twin-tipped markers are so versatile in use - not only can you create beautiful lettering styles for both titles and journaling on your scrapbook pages and cards, but also intricate flowers and other motifs that finishes off projects nicely. ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Pens are Acid Free, Archival Quality, Water proof, Pigment Ink and Photo-safe. Metallic Pens have a 2mm and 3.5mm tip. Black/Coloured Pens have a 2mm and 5mm tip. Please note that these pens must be kept / stored horizontal to prevent either tip from drying out.