Kurecolor Twin S DEEP BLUE 378

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Professional Marker Pens for Art and Craft
ZIG Kurecolor is a system designed for use by graphic designers and professional artists but accessible to all with its great range of colours, broad and fine nibs for both art and craft applications and at a great price point. These double-ended markers have a 1mm pointed nib at one end and a 6.5mm chisel nib at the other. Made with alcohol based dye, they are quick drying, Xylene free and permanent and graduations of colour are easily achieved with the Kurecolor Blender. They are most suitable for paper - particularly specialist marker paper such as Bristol Board or Schoellershammer Bleed-proof Pads - but will also write on photographic paper, plastic, glass and metal - drying quickly and giving a permanent finish. Please note, however, that lighter shades may not show up clearly on some surfaces. Available in 135 colours plus a Blender. Colour thumbs are a guide only.

Some ways of using Kurecolor Marker Pens