Zig Glue Pen 4mm CHISEL Tip

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Zig 2 in 1 Memory Glue pens in a range of sizes make it easy to apply you glue to small areas and see where you have applied it!

Zig Memory Glue Pens make it easy to apply adhesive to exactly where you would like it. The glue is Blue when wet but turns clear when dry and can be used for paper and card. The glue also has a 2 way system. When bonding two surfaces with the wet glue in will give a permanent bond. Alternatively applying the glue to one surface and allowing to dry will create a temporary bond.

This listing is for the 4mm Chisel fibre nib pen. Also available in the range are the Squeeze & Roll rollerball, Fine 2mm bullet and Broad 15mm nibs.