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Winsor & Newton Foundation Hog Brush Set of 6

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The brushes in the Winsor & Newton Foundation Brush Set for Oil or Acrylic Painting are made with natural white hog bristle hair and a perfect beginners introduction set of brushes giving a good choice of brush shapes and sizes.

The stiffness of hog is perfect for applying heavy-body oil or acrylic paint straight from the tube and robust enough for dry-brushing techniques on coarse canvas surfaces. If you prefer to use your oil and acrylic in glazes or thin washes, the softer Winsor & Newton 'Foundation White' series may suit your style of painting better.

The brush handles are standard length (average Brush Length 220mm). The six brushes in the set are: Round Size 3, 6, Filbert Size 3, 6, Flat Size 10, 14.

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