Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Permanent White 37ml

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Large Tubes of Blacks and Whites
Winsor & Newton Professional Designers Gouache. Winsor offer 5 colours in the largest 37ml tubes. These are the three blacks from their range and the two whites. Ivory Black is less opaque with lower tinting strength and makes brown (warm) greys and sepia tones when mixed with white. Jet Black is a rich, deep, opaque black which makes blue greys when mixed with white. Lamp Black is a less opaque black of lower tinting strength, giving paler, blue (cool) greys when mixed with white. Permanent White is the most popular white in the range. It is the strongest and most opaque white. Permanent White has been modified so that it can now be used for mixing. Zinc White has a lower tinting strength and is therefore sometimes preferred for colour mixing as it does overpower the colour.