Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache 14ml Permanent Rose Series 3

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Opaque watercolour for Fine Art, Illustration and Design from Winsor and Newton
Winsor & Newton Professional Designers Gouache. The opaque nature of this water-based medium results in a strong, solid, matt finish that reproduces well making it ideal for Commercial Art and Design. It can also be dry-brushed, blended, thinned for washes and used in conjunction with watercolour for great Fine Art results. The 14ml tube has a screw top and is easy to squeeze out. To stop the paint making the cap stick or losing its thread, wipe away any paint that gathers round the thread prior to screwing back on. The difference between the blacks: Ivory Black is less opaque with lower tinting strength and makes brown (warm) greys and sepia tones when mixed with white. Jet Black is a rich, deep, opaque black which makes blue greys when mixed with white. Lamp Black is a less opaque black of lower tinting strength, giving paler, blue (cool) greys when mixed with white. Colour thumbs are a guide only.