Van Gogh Artists Watercolour Half Pan Wooden Box Paint Set

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The perfect Wooden Box Set for any Watercolourist.
Van Gogh Watercolour Paints have a brilliant, intense and highly transparent quality. All the colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. This well presented wooden box set contains 24 Van Gogh water colour half pans, 2 Van Gogh brushes (series 191 no. 4 (pointed round, polyester fibre) and series 171 no. 8 (round red sable hair)) and a removable plastic mixing palette. Made in the Netherlands by Royal Talens.

Typical colours in the set are: No.708 Paynes Grey, No.416 Sepia, No.409 Burnt Umber, No.411 Burnt Sienna, No.227 Yellow Ochre, No.616 Viriadian, No.645 Hookers Green Dark, No.662 Permanent Green, No.623 Sap Green, No.508 Prussian Blue, No.506 Ultramarine Dark, No.512 Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine), No.108 Chinese White, No.254 Permanent Lemon Yellow, No.268 Azo Yellow Lemon, No.270 Azo Yellow Deep, No.238 Gamboge, No.266 Permanent Orange, No.311 Vermilion, No.370 Permanent Red Light, No.371 Permanent Red Deep, No.331 Madder Lake Deep, No.366 Quinacridone Rose, No.535 Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) Please note that Royal Talens advise that contents may vary.