Van Gogh Oil Superior Wooden Box Set

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A Beautiful Wooden Box Set of Oil Paints perfect for any Artist.
Van Gogh Oil Paint is a great quality Oil paint suitable for any artist. The paint is easy to mix and all the colours have an almost equal degree of sheen and thickness. The colours are strong and brilliant, due to the finely ground pure pigments. The good to excellent lightfastness also ensures colour retention in the long term. This beautifully presented Wooden Box Set contains: 32 tubes of Van Gogh 20ml Oil Colour, 2 tubes of Van Gogh Oil Colour 60 ml Zinc and Titanium white, 4 bottles Talens auxiliaries 75 ml (Odourless white spirit, Painting medium, Retouching varnish, Gloss varnish), 1 tube of 60 ml Talens Painting paste, 5 Van Gogh brushes (series 210 no. 10 (Gussow model, hog bristle), series 211 no. 6 (round model, hog bristle), series 232 no. 8 (model cat tongue, ox hair), series 235 no. 4 (round model, ox hair), series 294 no. 12 (Gussow model, polyester fibre), Painting knife no. 3014, Double Palette Dipper, Tube with 3 sticks charcoal, Traditional Wooden Palette, Cleaning Cloth and a Colour Mixing Brochure.