Tombow Dual Brushpens 18 Colour Set (Earth)

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A selection of high quality double ended brush marker pens from Tombow.

Tombow double ended brush pen markers. A selection of 18 colours in earth shades supplied in display wallet. Tombow's Brush Pens are dual tipped with a flexible, brush-shaped nib at one end and a fine bullet-shaped nib at the other. The Ink is water-based and can achieve a watercolour look when thinned with water or applied to a wet surface. All the colours are blendable, odourless, non-toxic and non-bleed.

Can be used for layouts, illustration, rubber stamping and card making.

Colour codes included in this set: N15, 025, 026, 027, 055, 062, 076, 879, 899, 912, 925, 933, 947, 977, 985, 990, 991 and 992.

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