Tombow Brush Pen 12 Colour SUNSET SET. Double Ended Artist & Craft Marker Pens

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A selection of high quality double ended brush marker pens from Tombow.

Wallet Set of 12 Dual Brush Pens from Tombow. Tombow's Brush Pens are dual tipped with a flexible, brush-shaped nib at one end and a fine bullet-shaped nib at the other. The Ink is water-based and can achieve a watercolour look when thinned with water or applied to a wet surface. All the colours are blendable, odourless, non-toxic and non-bleed.

Can be used for layouts, illustration, rubber stamping and card making.

Typical colours included in this set are N00, 062, 025, 946, 905, 845, 815, 743, 725, 685, 636, 606. However, the manufacturer advises that contents may vary.

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