Sculpey Polymer Oven Bake Clay 30 Block Set

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Sculpey III Polymer Oven Bake Clay Block Set. 30 x 28g Bars in assorted colours.
Sculpey III is a high quality polymer clay as used in a variety of art and craft applications. It is soft & pliable till you bake it in your oven at 130 degrees celcius for 15 minutes. It doesn't shrink or change shape like air drying clay. Once its baked and cooled it will be hard and can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved & painted. It is non-toxic and suitable for ages 8 and up. Colours included: White, Translucent, Sweet Potato, Black, Chocolate, Blue, Yellow, Red, Beige, Leaf Green, Emerald, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Violet, Lime, French Blue, Red Hot Red, Gold, Pearl, Light Blue Pearl, Silver, Ballerina, Spring Lilac, Granny Smith, Just Orange, Sky Blue, Plum, Lemonade, Suede Brown, Deep Red Pearl