Sculpey Polymer Clay Keepsake Impression Frame Box Set

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This Sculpey Polymer Clay kit includes everything you need for an impression keepsake.
Sculpey is a soft polymer clay which you harden in your oven. It doesnt shrink or crumble like air drying clay. In this kit you get a block of soft white sculpey clay and a metal frame to insert your impression. Also included for the other half of the frame is a mount and glazing for a photo of whoever gave the impression. Simply roll the clay into the frame and press hand (or paw!) into the clay. Bake in your oven to harden. Only 20 minutes from start to finish and no mess. Kits contents are : 283g of extra soft white sculpey clay, hinged metal frame for the imprint and a 4"x6" to 5"x7" photo, photo pane and mount, clay roller, modelling tool for writing name/age/date etc, easy to follow directions.