Sculpey Clay Pet Pals Activity Set

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The Sculpey Shape and Bake Kits are designed to provide fun and creativity for kids!
Enjoy creating these adorable play pets and then have the pleasure of continued play, display or trade with your friends. The Set includes six 1 oz bars of Sculpey III in Yellow, Brown, Orange, White, Black, Green, Sculpting Tool, Craft Wire and Instructions. Sculpey III is a high quality polymer clay as used in a variety of art and craft applications. It is soft & pliable till you bake it in your oven at 130 degrees celcius for 15 minutes. It doesn't shrink or change shape like air drying clay. Once its baked and cooled it will be hard and can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved & painted. It is non-toxic and suitable for ages 8 and up.