Schneider Link-It Fineliner - Topaz Brown

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Interchangeable Pens Perfect for Colouring, Writing and Drawing
Schneider's Link-It fineliner (0.4mm) and fibre pens (1mm) in a range of 16 colours. The first pen ranges with a clever system to allow a variety of combinations. These pocket-sized colouring pens fit cleverly together at the ends to form a double ended pen, allowing you to combine any two colours and nib type into one pen for quick and versatile use. Simply hold the bottom of two pens together so that the printed arrows align, push and then click them into place. Ideal for hobbyists, children and classrooms but easily useful for all ages and experience. The rubberised ergonomic and three-edged barrel is ideal for relaxed writing as well as making sure the pens cannot roll on desks or other surfaces. As the cap fits neatly on the end of the barrel they can also be held comfortably as individual pens. The slimline design fits perfectly into pupils' pen cases individually or linked. The barrel is made from 88% biobased plastic. Each pen is sold singularly. Made ??of waste from internal plastics processing. Approximate length of pens is as follows: 85mm indivudally, 160mm linked together. Line Widths: Fineliner 0.4mm, Fibrepen 1mm.