Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust 10 Gel Pen Box Set

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Sakura's Stardust Gel Pens in a 10 Pen Box Set

The Gelly Roll range has unique gel-ink technology that produces a smooth result when writing thanks to Sakura's advances in ink production and the high quality water-based pigment.

The Stardust range of pens produce a brilliant shimmering effect. They have a 1mm tip and are non toxic, archival (except black), waterproof, fade resistant and do not smear or bleed through most papers. They will also show on dark surfaces as well as light papers. The pigment based ink contains an inert, cosmetic grade, finely ground glass to produce the brilliant sparkling effect. The clear pen contains a transparent ink that can be used over the top of other inks to give them the shimmery effect.

Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust 10 Pen Box Set contains 703 Gold, 705 Copper, 719 Red, 720 Pink, 724 Purple, 725 Sky, 727 Lime, 729 Green, 736 Blue and 744 Silver which are presented in a card box with cellophane window and interior plastic pen tray.

The ink will start to flow as soon as the point is pressed on the surface. Store the pens horizontally with the cap and integrated nib protector on.