Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze 3D-Roller 10 Pen Box Set

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Multi Surface Gel Pens that leave a raised, gloss line

The Gelly Roll range has unique gel-ink technology that produces a smooth result when writing thanks to Sakura's advances in ink production and the high quality water-based pigment.

The Gelly Roll Glaze pens are a fantastic 0.8mm nib rollerball pens that create a slight raised embossed, shiny line that will adhere to card, paper, glazed ceramic, plastic, metal and glass. Allow two or three minutes for the ink to completely dry and become water resistant. The effect is best suited to the non porous surfaces.

This Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze 10 Pen Box Set contains 800 Clear, 803 Yellow, 805 Orange, 819 Red, 820 Pink, 824 Purple, 836 Blue, 829 Green and 849 Black which are presented in a card box with cellophane window and interior plastic pen tray.

Before use, remove any protective caps that may cover the nib and dispose of it. The ink will start to flow as soon as the point is pressed on the surface. Store the pens horizontally with the cap on.