Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip Brush 5 Piece Texture Set

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The brushes in this set are best suited for use with watercolour but can also be used with thinned acrylic and oil paint.
Royal & Langnickel Artists Soft Grip Texture Brush Set. This set includes the following brushes : No.4 Fan Brush (Hog Bristle), Mini Mop Brush, Large 3/4" Mop Brush, Deer Foot Brush 3/8" and Comb Brush 3/8". These brushes are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip on the handle. The brush hair is made from a variety of hair types including natural goat hair, hog hair, camel hair and sythetic filaments. The variety and shape of these brushes make them invaluable in creating paint effects such as washes, stippling, blending and comb techniques.The handles are made from clear acrylic. The ferrules are seamless and made from zinc.
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