Royal & Langnickel 10 White Bristle Brushes Set SVP5

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These brushes are ideal for those who are new to Acrylic or Oil painting and even good for kids Redimix Paint.

Royal & Langnickel Artists Super Value Brush Set of 10 White Hog Bristle Brushes. This set includes the following bristle brushes : No. 9 (12mm) Wide Flat, No. 7 (10mm) Wide Flat, No. 5 (8mm) Flat, No. 3 (7mm) Flat, No. 1 (5mm) Flat, No. 9 Round, No.7 Round, No.5 Round, No.3 Round, No.1 Round. Each brush is between 18-21cm in length from end of handle to tip. The ferules are seamless. They are great value for money.