Royal Set of 12 Large White Artists Brushes. Long Handle

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Great Value Brushes for Acrylic and Watercolour
Great value set of 12 Large Long Handled White brushes with Medium Taklon hair. Designed for use with acrylic or watercolour paint. The handles are wooden with a green paint finish. The ferrules are seamless and made from zinc. The clear wallet they are packed in is also a 'zip lock' case to store your brushes in. This is a great value set of large brushes with medium white taklon hair. Brushes in the set are: Size 12 Flat (24mm wide), Size 11 Flat (22mm wide), Size 10 Flat (18mm wide), Size 9 Angled Flat (16mm wide), Size 8 Flat (14mm wide), Size 7 Flat (12mm wide), Size 6 Round, Size 5 Fan, Size 4 Flat (8mm wide), Size 3 Flat (7mm wide), Size 2 Round, Size 1 Filbert The brushes are long handled and measure up to 340mm in length.