Royal Set of 12 Large Firm Artists Bone Brushes

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Long Handled Brush Set for Acrylic and Oil Painting
Great value set of large brushes with firm bone taklon hair. Brushes in the set are: Size 12 Flat (24mm wide), Size 11 Flat (22mm wide), Size 10 Filbert, Size 9 Angled Flat (16mm wide), Size 8 Round Size 7 Flat (12mm wide), Size 6 Flat (10mm wide), Size 5 Filbert, Size 4 Angled Flat (8mm wide), Size 3 Round, Size 2 Fan, Size 1 Flat (5mm wide) These brushes are designed for use with acrylic or oil paint. The handles are wooden with a light brown paint finish. The ferrules are seamless and made from zinc. They are great value for money. The clear wallet they are packed in is also a 'zip lock' case to store your brushes in. The brushes in this set are suitable for Oil & Acrylic with firm taklon hair. The brushes are long handles and measure up to 340mm in length.
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RRP 17.9900