Rotring ArtPen Sketch Extra Fine

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Elegant cartridge pen for Drawing and Calligraphy

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Rotring is the classic name in Artists' and Technical Drawing Pens and the ArtPen Sketch is their superior quality refilable, fountain pen for Drawing and Calligraphy. Combining the balance and nib shape of a traditional quill with the convenience of the modern cartridge pen, the ArtPen allows for easy, smooth linework with a constant flow of ink through the rounded nib whilst a ribbed hand-grip and tapered shaft gives the pen a comfortable hold. The pen is presented in a card wrap with 2 universal-size cartridges and an information sheet.

This listing is for an Art Pen with an Extra Fine Round Nib. Other pens in the range include F (fine) round nib and 1.1mm, 1.5mm or 2.3mm Calligraphy Nibs.