RGM Artists PASTRELLO Six Palette Knife Set With Traditional Wooden Handle

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A selection of Italian-made, wooden-handled painting knives.
This set contains Six RGM Pastrello Artists Palette Knives. Developed in collaboration with Italian Artist Franco Pastrello these new and unique knives allow the artist to work as never before with a palette knife. The knives give a soft accurate touch giving the opportunity for detailed painting and mark making. Each knife has a solid Bubinga wood handle, nickel-plated steel blades and brass ferrules and all have excellent spring. No.40 - 64mm long, 8mm wide tapering to 3mm No.47 - 74mm long, 8mm wide tapering to 6mm No.43 - 40mm long, 3mm wide tapering to 1mm No.45 - 80mm long, 5mm wide tapering to 1mm No.42 - 90mm long, 15mm wide with curved taper to 1mm No.38 - 35mm long, 6mm wide tapering to 4mm