Rembrandt Luxury Watercolour Travel Brush Set

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Luxury, Professional Quality Watercolour Brushes
A beautifully presented set of artist's quality watercolour brushes neatly secured inside a lightweight, black cardboard box. These high-quality brushes are capable of holding large amounts of water and are particularly suited to painting finer details, however the brush extender included allows for easy regular use for those who prefer a standard sized brush. Their convenient small size makes them perfect for taking with you on various outings, holidays, art classes or simply for use at home or in the studio. This box contains the following: 1 x Size 4 Round Sable Brush 1 x Size 4 Flat Sable Brush 1 x Size 4 Filbert 'Cat Tongue' Sable Brush 1 x Brush Extender. Each brush measures approximately 3mm in diameter and 95mm in length. The brush extender is approximately 110mm in length. Each brush is made from pure red sable hair fixed to seamless, gold-plated brass ferrules. The short, black handles feature the brush size number alongside the Rembrandt logo printed in attractive gold lettering. The lid of the cardboard box is decorated with a glossy black 'R' and Rembrandt logo's on each side. The lid lifts completely off; however, it is kept closed in place with a plastic sleeve printed with brief product information. The box measures approximately 155 mm in width, 95mm in length and 33mm in depth.
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