Rembrandt 30 Full Length Soft Pastel Box Set

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A high quality set of soft artists pastels from Rembrandt.
Rembrandt extra fine soft pastels are based on the best raw materials. Characteristics are softness for excellent colour release. Intense and pure colours. Good to highest degree of lightfastness and very high colouring power due to high concentration of pigment. Free of toxic heavy metal-based pigments and manufacturered with the purest pigments and finest kaolin. This Box Set contains 30 Full Size Rembrandt Soft Pastels in the following colours: White Tint 5, Lemon Yellow Tint 8, Lemon Yellow Tint 5, Light Yellow Tint 5, Deep Yellow Tint 5, Light Orange Tint 5, Orange Tint 9, Permanent Red Tint 5, Madder Lake Deep Tint 5, Red Violet Tint 5, Blue Violet Tint 5, Ultramarine Deep Tint 7, Ultramarine Deep Tint 5, Prussian Blue Tint 7, Phthalo Blue Tint 7, Bluish Green Tint 7, Permanent Green Deep Tint 5, Cinnabar Green Deep Tint 5, Cinnabar Green Light Tint 7, Permanent Yellow Green Tint 5, Olive Green Tint 7, Olive Green Tint 3, Yellow Ochre Tint 5, Burnt Sienna Tint 5, Light Oxide Red Tint 7, Burnt Umber Tint 5, Raw Umber Tint 7, Green Grey Tint 7, Grey Tint 8 and Black Tint 5. Made in the Netherlands by Royal Talens.