Pro Arte Sterling Acrylix 3 Long Handled Brush Wallet Set W6

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The Acrylix W6 Set is a collection of superb quality brushes from Pro Arte.
Pro Arte Acrylix brushes are made from an extremely high quality synthetic hair which is exceedingly hardwaring and durable. They are fashioned to retain their shape and offer the artist the best control in mark making. The silky white filament hair is soft but firm enough to handle the thick consistancy of Oil or Acrylic. They are also extremely good for glazing and blending techniques. The ferrules are made from seamless nickel and the brushes are hand finished to a very high quality. The handles are a laquered silver colour. Although originally designed for the professional acrylic artist in mind they have been quickly hijacked for use by the oil painter because of their quality and versatility. These brushes are most suitable for use with Acrylic or Oil paints. The brushes in this wallet set are long handled and in the following sizes / shapes : No.4 Round, No.6 Long Flat, No.8 Short Flat. Palette not included with brush wallet.
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