Pro Arte Renaissance Sable Round Brush with Gift Box Size 16

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The Affordably Sophisticated Sable from Pro Arte
This attractive black and gold cardboard gift box contains one Size 16 Pro Arte Renaissance Sable Round Brush (approximately 11mm diameter) presented beautifully inside a slide-out inner casing with an elasticated tie to hold the brush securely in place. Perfect as a gift for an artistic loved one or simply as a treat for yourself. Full brush length is approximately 260mm. The Renaissance Sable Range from Pro Arte is the affordably sophisticated Sable for watercolour purists who expect the best of Sable at the best of prices. This range boasts high quality Sable hair with fantastic water-carrying properties and great spring for perfect control. Each brush has a generous filament which is set in a gold plated, seamless ferrule and fitted to a handsome green handle and gold handle. This range of brushes are hand-finished so that the hairs lie to naturally form a point. The Renaissance Sable Rounds are great for washes, filling in, fine detail and varying line widths.