Pro Arte Miniaturists Artists Spotter 5 Brush Wallet Set W4

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The Prolene W4 Set is a superb quality collection of small detail brushes from Pro Arte.
Pro Arte Prolene Spotting brushes are made from an extremely good quality synthetic hair which is exceedingly hardwaring and durable. Formulated with the model maker, miniaturist, nail artist and fine detail painter primarily in mind. Most of the 'belly' of the brush head has been incorporated into the ferrule. This gives the brush a very sharp controlled precision tip with great spring and pointing. The ferrules are made from seamless nickel and the brushes are hand finished to a very high quality. The handles are polished gold colour with black tips. These brushes are most suitable for use with watercolour but can also be used with gouache, tempera, inks, oil and acrylic. The brushes in this wallet set are : Series 107 Round in No.0, No.2, No.4, No.6. Series 106 Flat in 1/4".
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