Pro Arte Masterstroke All Media Miniature Brush Set MSA

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A Great Value, Versatile Brush Range
The Terry Harrison Masterstroke Series 60 miniature range is intended for students and budget conscious artists. Particularly suited for Watercolour and Acrylic, they can also be used with thinned oil paint. Unlike most miniature ranges, these brushes retain the longer hair even down to the very finest diameter in the range - the 10/0. This wallet set of brushes contains 6 Masterstroke Series 60 Miniature brushes in the following sizes; the approximate diameter and length of each brush head is listed beside each size: 10/0 - Diameter: 0.25mm, Length: 4.5mm 5/0 - Diameter: 0.5mm, Length: 5mm 4/0 - Diameter: 0.75mm, Length: 6mm 3/0 - Diameter: 1mm, Length: 6.5mm 2/0 - Diameter: 1.25mm, Length: 7.5mm 0 - Diameter: 1.5mm, Length: 8.5mm