Montana Level Cap System 6 piece Set

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Pack of Montana Caps in 6 different widths
A pack of 6 caps optimized for Montana GOLD Spray Paints. Included are one each of the following sizes: Level 1 - Ultra Skinny (average spray width - 4-15mm) Level 2 - Fine Skinny (average spray width - 6-25mm) Level 3 - Skinny (average spray width - 10-40mm) Level 4 - Soft Fat (average spray width - 30-100mm) Level 5 - Fat (average spray width - 40-150mm) Level 6 - Ultra Fat (average spray width - 50-250mm) Average Spray width will vary depending on the technique of the user. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance whilst fatter lines can be achieved by spraying from further away.