Mod Roc Large Roll (15cmx18metres)

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ModRoc / ArtRoc is a plaster and resin impregnated bandage that can be used to quickly and easily create large structures that are light but strong.
Mod Roc Large Roll (Approx 15cm x 18 metres). ModRoc is an excellent material for creating masks, moulds and puppets and can be draped over a shaped armature to create geographical landscapes, scenery for plays or life sized sculptures. Simply dip the art roc bandage in cold water shaking off any excess water. Immediately apply the bandage smoothing out any air pockets while moulding and pressing it into the desired shape. The plaster bandage will begin to set after about 3 minutes. At this stage handle models carefully or they may crack. Some features may need extra support while drying. Slightly overlap pieces of bandage giving 3 to 6 layers depending on the strength required. Full drying time can vary depending upon size and thickness but models are usually hard enough to handle after 30 minutes. Ideally leave models 24 hours to ensure they are completely dry. Please note we can only supply this item to U.K. customers.