Milliput Epoxy Putty Silver Grey

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Versatile two part Epoxy Putty for Modelling, Sculpting and Restoration
Milliput is a versatile Putty which adheres to, seals and bonds with ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, metals and cement to create sculpture or models or repair picture mouldings, Object d'Art, Porcelain and Antiques. It can be sculpted and, when dry, can be turned, sawn, drilled, tapped, filed, sandpapered, painted or cellulose sprayed. Very responsive to water and using with water when modelling or sculpting with scalpels, wire tools, engraving tools etc. is strongly recommended. Pack consists of two rolls of putty that should be blended together in equal parts to a uniform colour that will set rock hard in 2-3 hours at normal room temperature. Will even set underwater.