Matt Decoupage Glue & Finish 500ml

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Glue, sealer and finish in one.

Applicraft Decoupage Finish is ideal as a fast all-in-one glue and finishing coat for paper decoupage. Decoupage (the word derives from the French verb decouper: to cut out), began to flourish in the 15th century. elaborate printed decorative borders were used to decorate furniture and then coated with many layers of thick varnish so that the finish was as smooth as if the design had been hand painted. it was a shortcut which was indistiguishable from the real thing and became known as 'arte povera' - the poor man's art. by the 19th century it had become a hobby for Victorian ladies, and colourful images known as 'scrap sheets' were mass produced which made the craft much more accessible. around this time pieces of chintz fabric were being used to decorate furniture as well. the interest in decoupage declined thereafter and it is only since the innovation of the photocopier and fast drying varnishes that its popularity has returned. Always test the product on a sample piece before starting on your project.

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