Marabu Porcelain Ceramic Paint Box Set

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A great starter set for painting on porcelain and other non-porous surfaces.
Marabu-Porcelain Porcelain painting without oven fixing. For totally original tableware ? however you choose. Design your own dinner service - cheerful and colourful or simple and elegant. Using Marabu-Porcelain, china and glassware can be painted easily and without the bother of oven fixing. All colours are intermixable. Marabu-Porcelain is extremely versatile. Even beginners can obtain great results using easy techniques like stamping or stencilling. Original designs can be painted with a brush. Touch dry after 30mins. Water based, Odourless and Lightfast. Touch dry after 30mins. Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing after 3 days (maximum 50 degrees C). Content: 6 x 15 ml Porcelain (220 sunshine yellow, 125 cherry, 057 gentian, 158 apple, 070 white, 073 black) 1 x Marabu-Universal brush. Instructions + motifs.