Marabu Porcelain Ceramic Paint Box Set

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A great starter set for painting on porcelain and other non-porous surfaces.

Marabu Porcelain Paints are designed for decorating ceramics without oven fixing so you can design your own dinner service, glassware or commemorative ceramic object whichever way you choose - cheerful and colourful or simple and elegant.

Using Marabu Porcelain, china and glassware can be painted easily and without the bother of oven fixing. All colours are intermixable, Water based, Odourless and Lightfast. They are touch dry after 30mins and will, then, require around 3 days to properly 'cure' onto the surface. If the decorative items can be left for longer, even better! We would always advise carefully hand-washing any hand decorated item but, once cured onto the surface, the paints will withstand dishwasher washes.

Even beginners can obtain great results using easy techniques like stamping or stencilling. Original designs can be painted with a brush, sponge or even fingers!

Content: 6 x 15 ml Porcelain (220 sunshine yellow, 125 cherry, 057 gentian, 158 apple, 070 white, 073 black) 1 x Marabu-Universal brush. Instructions + motifs.