Marabu Brilliant Paint Pen 5 Pen Set 1-2mm Nib.

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A set of 5 Brilliant Painter Paint pens in metallic colours. Pen nibs 1-2mm.
A permanent, weatherproof multi-surface paint pen for all kinds of Art and Craft projects. Marabu-Brilliant Painter is the perfect paint pen for exceptional decorations. Difficult and smooth surfaces such as rubber boots, metallic objects, Christmas glass baubles, leather accessories, almost any object you can think of, are turned into brilliant, personalised unique items. Brilliant Painter changes everyday things into very exclusive, individualised gifts and decorations in no time. Glossy paint application, Weatherproof, Light-resistant, Fast drying. Based on organic solvents. Contains no xylene/toluene. Colours in the set are: Gold, Silver, White, Copper and Black.