Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Ink Dip Pen Holder and Nib Set

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The Complete Set of Zig Cartoonist Dip Pen Nibs
Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Dip Pen Nib Holder & Nib Set. ZIG Cartoonist Pen Holder and Nibs For Manga, Cartooning and Illustration. Four packs of nibs: 3 x G-Pen, 3 x School Pen, 3 x Saji Pen, 2 x Maru Pen 1 x ZIG Cartoonist Pen Nib Holder The set includes: Three 'G' pen nibs. Ideal for drawing thin to thick lines. Mainly used for drawing outlines or effect lines. Ideal for soft, flowing lines due to its flexibility. Three SCHOOL pen nibs. Ideal for drawing hard and sharp lines. Three SAJI pen nibs. They are firm and produce a well defined, thick line. Mainly used for backgrounds. Two MARU pen nibs. Ideal for drawing thin lines, Mainly used for drawing details such as hair, folds of clothes or the inside of eye pupils. A great quality pen nib holder that has been specially designed by Kuretake to hold their range of cartoonist Japanese Manga nibs. The handle has a comfortable rubber grip for comfortable handling.