Zig Kurecolor Twin S Marker Pen KC-3000 Set of 12 Cool Grey Colours

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Designer's Double Ended Markers
ZIG Kurecolor is a system designed for use by graphic designers and professional artists. Double ended marker with a 1mm pointed nib one end and 6.5mm chisel nib the other. Alcohol based dye, Quick drying, Xylene free, Permanent. Colours in this set are: 900 Black, C.11 Cool Gray 11, C.10 Cool Gray 10, C.09 Cool Gray 9, C.08 Cool Gray 8, C.07 Cool Gray 7, C.06 Cool Gray 6, C.05 Cool Gray 5, C.04 Cool Gray 4, C.03 Cool Gray 3, C.02 Cool Gray 2, C.01 Cool Gray 1