Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens 12 Set

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Real Brush Tips For Illustrating, Sketching, Designing and Cartooning

The ZIG Clean Color Real Brush range is perfect for quick illustrating, sketching, designing and cartooning/manga drawing. The real brush tip gives a smooth and versatile stroke, allowing you to create both thick and narrow lines with ease. Due to the water-based dye, which is completely odourless and Xylene-free, these pens are capable of blending together like watercolours and can create a whole spectrum of gradations with a single colour, simply by going over existing lines with a water brush or by slightly wetting the tip of the pen beforehand.

Different colours can also be mixed by applying one colour over the other before it dries, allowing seamless blending of any of the 80 colours within the range.

This set contains 12 Zig Clean Color Brush Pens. The colours are: 031 Cobalt Blue, 030 Blue, 081 Light Violet, 060 Brown, 091 Light Gray, 010 Black, 022 Carmine Red, 025 Pink, 070 Orange, 050 Yellow, 041 Light Green and 040 Green.

Each pen measures approximately 155mm in length including the lid or 140mm excluding the lid and 10mm in diameter. The top section and underside of the pen is coloured in relation to the colour of the ink, making it easy at a glance to see which colours are present. The lightweight, plastic casing is white featuring the Kuretake Clean Color logo in black lettering. Pens should be stored nib-down to prevent drying.