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Golden MSA Varnish Satin 236ml

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GOLDEN Mineral Spirit Acrylic Varnishes with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) dry to a tough, yet flexible protective finish. The UVLS system provides increased resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, making the product suitable for exterior as well as interior application. MSA Varnish (Satin) offers moderate reflection, similar to most matte varnishes.

For restoration purposes, the varnish may be removed with full strength commercial mineral spirits (such as paint thinner or white spirits), or distilled or rectified turpentine.

MSA Varnish can be used over a wide variety of paints, including acrylic, oil, alkyd, egg tempera, watercolor, and casein. As a topcoat for acrylics, it provides a harder, lower tack surface that is much less susceptible to dirt and is more mar resistant. It can also be mixed with oil and alkyd paints to accelerate drying and improve flexibility.

As a solution polymer, MSA Varnish is clear when wet . Compared to aqueous varnishes, this allows for better visual properties during application. It also suffers significantly less from foam generation and pinholes that can detract from the clarity and appearance of the finish. The varnish produces an extremely level finish, and is able to coat slick supports including glass and most plastics and metals.

MSA Varnishes must be thinned with mineral spirit, or white spirit before use . They have been made thicker than the traditional application viscosity to maintain an even suspension of the solids within the varnish.

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