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Golden MSA Archival Spray Varnish Matte 400ml

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GOLDEN Archival Varnish can be used over a wide variety of paints, including acrylic, oil, alkyd, egg tempera, watercolor, and casein. Formulated with 100% acrylic resins, it produces a flexible, clear film to protect against environmental concerns such as ultraviolet light, dirt and moisture. The coating is removable and resistant to yellowing.GOLDEN Archival Varnish Mineral Spirit Acrylic Aerosol w/UVLS is made by reducing standard GOLDEN MSA Varnish (w/UVLS) with fast drying acetone and a propellant to create an easy to use spray product. Properly applied, it can create a durable, even film.GOLDEN Archival Varnish should adhere well to most non-oily surfaces. It may exhibit poor adhesion to fresh oil paint films or if residual surfactants are present with water-based paint films. It has excellent wet and dry state clarity. Over time, the MSA film resists changes in appearance and remains flexible. The unique adjustable fan spray tip allows precise application with reduced overspray. Coverage is approximately 30-35 sq. ft. per can.

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