Fluid 100 Pochettes Watercolour Paper 8" x 10"

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Heavy Weight Watercolour Paper for Plein Air and Studio work
Fluid 100? Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper is a strong, premium quality 100% cotton paper with gelatin sizing and a smoother Cold Pressed surface that is ideal for watercolour and other wet and dry media. At 640gsm or 300lb, this is an exceptionally heavyweight watercolour paper - almost a Watercolour Board - that will not need to be stretched so is perfect for impromptu studies, finished watercolour pieces and as a support for mixed media work, especially where inks, watercolour or thinned acrylic is used. The pochettes contain 12 loose sheets in a folded card 'pocket' in the two smaller sizes and 8 loose sheets in the 11" x 14". Archival, unbleached and acid-free.