Fluid 100 Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper Block 16" x 20"

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Heavy Weight Watercolour Paper for Plein Air and Studio work
Fluid 100? Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper is a strong, premium quality 100% cotton paper with gelatin sizing and a smoother Cold Pressed surface that is ideal for watercolour and other wet and dry media. At 640gsm or 300lb, this is an exceptionally heavyweight watercolour paper - almost a Watercolour Board - that will not need to be stretched so is perfect for impromptu studies, finished watercolour pieces and as a support for mixed media work, especially where inks, watercolour or thinned acrylic is used. In addition, the 10 sheet Blocks offer two gummed edges keeping the sheet in tension to further avoid any movement in the paper when water is applied and come in a range of useful sizes for Plein Air or Studio work. Archival, unbleached and acid-free.