Faber Castell Pitt Compressed Charcoal Set of 3 - Medium

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Set of 3 Finest Quality Black Charcoal Sticks
Superior Siberian Charcoal with a fine soot and carbon mix that achieves the deepest possible black. We offer packs of 3 grease and oil free Charcoal Sticks in grades of either Extra Soft, Soft or Medium. Natural charcoal sticks are the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. The greyish-blue shade glides softly across the paper, rubs and smudges easily, and can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Each stick is approximately 80mm long and 7mm in diameter. 3 Sticks of the grade chosen are presented in a cardboard blister pack. Click the Youtube link to see a video showing the different effects that charcoal can achieve, including these compressed sticks.