Faber Castell Erasing Shield

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Erasing Shield for Precise and Controlled Erasing
A handy metal erasing shield tool perfect for intricate and precise erasing. Avoid smudging or rubbing drawings and achieve controlled erasing with the assortment of 15 different template shapes including lines, curves, circles and tear drops. Particularly ideal for technical and graphic artists. Each erasing shield is sold singularly, approximate measurements are as follows. The shield itself measures 6cm x 9.3cm. The widest line: 3.8cm x 4mm. Three remaining lines: 5.6cm x 2mm, 5.3cm x 2mm, 1.7cm x 2mm and 9mm x 2mm. Small circles 2mm diameter Curved lines: 1mm wide, 20mm and 15mm length, vary in curve Tear drops: 1mm opening to 5mm and 1mm opening to 2mm. Curved rectangles: 5mm x 3mm and 4mm x 2mm