Faber Castell Creative Studio 6 Graphite Pencil Tin

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Great Value Creative Studio Sketching Pencils for Students and Artists of All Ages

This tin of 6 graphite sketching pencils is from Faber Castell's Creative Studio range of student Art Materials. The pencils are made of finely ground graphite mixed with clay to achieve a smooth, constant transfer of material to the surface. The ratio of graphite to clay binder determines the grade of the pencil with a higher graphite content in 'B' grade pencils. This set contains 6B, 4B, 2B, B, HB and 3H for a good range of mark-making options.
They are acid-free, lightfast, archival and are constructed with Faber Castell's patented SV bonded process that makes them highly break-resistant. They also carry the 'Eco-Pencil' logo as they are produced with 100% FSC certified wood from reforestation sources. The 6 pencils are presented neatly in a sturdy and practical blue metal tin.