Da Vinci College Acrylic Brush Set

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Perfect gift for someone taking up Acrylic Painting
This great Da Vinci gift set of student brushes for Acrylic Painting contains 4 brushes and a bamboo brush roll that will accommodate around 12 long-handled brushes to kick start an Acrylic Brush collection. The Brushes included in this set are 2 x Series 8730 Rounds in sizes 2 (approx. 1.5mm dia.) and 4 (approx. 3mm dia.) and 2 x Series 8740 Flats in sizes 12 (11mm wide) and 20 (16mm wide). Brush lengths are approx. 285mm. The brush head is constructed from strong yet elastic synthetic fibres, the ferrule is seamless aluminium and the brown-red long handle is matt-finished with a new, non-slip surface. Ideal for Acrylic but can be used for some Oil Painting techniques too.