Da Vinci Watercolour Brush Set in a Wooden Box (5279)

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Four Wash and detail Brushes for Watercolour presented in an attractive and practical Wooden Box
This boxed set includes a range of synthetic and natural hair Brushes that are ideal for Watercolour and other liquid Paint such as Silk Paint and Indian Ink with Brushes chosen to allow for a wide variety of markmaking and Watercolour techniques. The set contains a Series 36 Size 2 Round Kolinsky Red Sable, a Series 5530 Cosmotop-Mix (blend of Sable, Squirrel, Fitch and Synthetic) no.6 Round, a Series 5880 no.10 Flat Cosmotop-Spin and a Series 488 size 2 Round Spin-Synthetic. The Series 488 being a new range of brushes with very smooth light brown synthetic fibres that are ideal for area work and washes.
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